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Level 7

Installing software through a script

Has anyone had any luck deploying software through a script? It would be cool if you could upload a software installer and have the script deploy it to the endpoint computer. 

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Level 9

We use Altiris to deploy it silently using the /S and /R switches for the Agent install. 

I believe you can enable remote access to run a script on it through PowerShell. However, that is a little above my head and you may want to Google around for it. 

A possible scripting alternative using a batch file (Windows only):

1) Set up a shared folder that all users within your company can get read access to.

2) Drop the Agent exe file there. 

3) Create and save a .bat file with the following modified for your environment:

@echo off

\\servername\folder\DRE_Agent.exe /S /R

4) Right-click on the bat file > Properties > Shortcut tab > change Run: to Minimized.

6) You could either zip the bat file up and email it to users or do a mass copy to their desktops. The install is about 60-90 seconds.

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