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DMRC - Remote control mobile iOS and Android devices

DMRC - Remote control mobile iOS and Android devices

It would be great to be able to remotely control Android and iOS devices from inside and outside the corporate network to be able to help end users with their devices.

We can connect to any computer with DMRC and support them, I think it would be great to connect to the mobile devices too.

Level 9

This would be a wonderful feature.  I have users everyday that need help on the smartphones.  Trying to talk them through an issue is extremely hard and clumsy.  Is there something preventing this from being added as a feature?

Level 8

Also add the capability to control Windows Mobile devices. We have a bunch of Windows devices that we would like to remote into when they are in the field. I cannot count how many times people leave the office and the device is not configured correctly and they are hours away from the office and cannot be talked through the configuration process.