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Welcome to the Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) forum!

As the SaaS segment of the cloud market continues to grow, more and more organizations are seeking cloud-based software; we’ve repeatedly heard feedback from customers looking for a trustworthy, cloud-based remote support solution.

Our business is built around helping technology professionals solve today’s IT challenges, which means our goal is to deliver products designed to solve IT problems the way our IT pros want them solved. That’s why we are extremely excited to introduce Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE), the newest member of the SolarWinds® Dameware® product family. DRE is a simple, cloud-based, remote support solution designed to help IT technicians resolve issues quickly.

DRE is lightweight and provides many advanced features to help you quickly solve problems on a daily basis. Key features include fast connection speeds, mobile device support, unattended sessions, registry edits, and support of up to 4K resolution. Plus, with DRE you’ll have the ability to connect from anywhere with an internet connection. 

DRE is built to offer:

  • Connections to end users’ workstations typically in less than 8 seconds
  • Top-notch security with two-factor authentication and advanced encryption protocols
  • Remote access from Android® and iOS® devices to workstations
  • Remote control from PC® to Android and iOS devices
  • Remote connection to out-of-band computers with Intel® vPro® with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and KVM support
  • Basic ticketing system with log history, notes, and the ability to assign to IT Technicians
  • An initial ticket with all available information about an end user and their workstation
  • Help desk’s performance report and end users’ surveys
  • Pre- and in-session chat and VoIP

Please share your feedback, questions, and ideas here. We want to hear your thoughts on this exciting new addition to the Dameware family.

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Is there any development going into implementing this version of DameWare with Web Help Desk?

It's looking like a great way forward, however dropping such functionality is an unfortunate loss for us so we cannot change at this moment in time.


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Something we are thinking about and looking at, but as you indicating, not today for DRE, still only MRC and DRS.

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Level 9

In our environment, we use the Z Scaler proxy server application with SSL scanning / inspection turned on. When we try to connect a technician to a machine, we get errors indicating additional configuration may be needed. Also, we get a similar error when trying to connect an external technician machine to a end user's machine that is on the network.

Without SSL scanning / inspection enabled, it works fine. What do we need to configure to allow DRE to work without having to remove SSL scanning / inspection? We cannot disable SSL scanning on our network due to the industry we are in but we want to use DRE in our environment.


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I am looking into this, I am having to get some information from engineering first.  Will respond back once I have more info.

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Apologies for the delay here.  Our gateway communication is done through a proprietary TCP protocol, which runs on 443. Firewalls with deep packet inspection can have issues because they will not be able to recognize our protocol. The most immediate solution for this is to exclude our domains from inspection: using FQDN if possible, or IPs if necessary.

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Do you know what those FQDN will be or point me to a document that I can find it?


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Level 15

I need more inforamtions abou tlicense.

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Absolutely, what questions do you have? 

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Hello I wanna, to reader about license, tecnochel numbers, deveices number can be monitored. 

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OK are you currently talking with sales, if yes, they should be able to answer all of these items.  If not, feel free to direct message me and we can discuss further on this.

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i contacted, in left friday. But note receve answer.

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Is this going to enable Dameware sessions to external users ie I am a consultant and would like to DW to a customers SolarWinds Server I currently use tools such as GoToMeeting or WebEx. Could this replace those?

- David Smith
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Yes, this could absolutely replace those.

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Level 10

Would love to hear feedback from anyone who's been able to trial

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I'm starting my trial today.

Trying it now but having confusion as to how to install the Agent silently.  In an enterprise environment, we are not going to allow the end users to install applications and typically push them via Group Policy or one of our patching solutions.  In this case the Group Policy is preferred.  Another issue I have noticed is the downloaded software seems to be good 30 days only?  Not cool if we are going to centrally deploy it.

I am also having problems with the console allowing me to log in and use it.  I log in but get "An error occurred while trying to log you in.  Please try again.  If the problem persists please contact us. Thank you!!"  The web interface shows me successfully logging in but the Desktop application gives me the error.

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Regarding deploying the agent, please check out this article -

Can you DM me via Thwack to dig into your console logging in issues, I have not personally seen that nor have I heard others encountering this, but wanted to gather some info and check with some others.

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