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Support for SAP HANA database

Support for SAP HANA database

Please add support for the SAP HANA DB.  SAP has gone all in with HANA and will no longer offer new sales for SQL and oracle by 2022 so we need to have support as many are migrating to HANA.   Also Might need cloud support as well.  Mine is on premise. 

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I envision this being a super tough nut to crack for Solarwinds.

Me too but when they do, being able to monitor HANA on premise or in the cloud an all in memory DB.  Come on, that will be cool....

lol! Gamechanger!

Bump need to stay in market ...

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I think the best thing will be that they will partner with Syslink ( which seems to have an excellent solution, but focused only on SAP. With SolarWinds' other features it will be the best of both worlds

Bumped along with general improvement to monitoring SAP

I want SW to have a booth at SAPPHIRE along with the likes Microsoft, Dell, CIsco, AWS, and many others. Read my blog about last year's Sapphire here.

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This request is getting more and more popular since SAP stopped the support with other database. This has been sitting here for 3 years, any update?