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Store the XML for deadlocks in the repository

Store the XML for deadlocks in the repository

This would enable the following potential additional features:

  • A deadlocks tab that would show the SQL involved in deadlocks along with a count of its appearance in deadlocks during a specific timeframe (along with a second counter showing how many times it was a deadlock victim).
  • An email alert that would trigger on each deadlock and either include the XML for the deadlock in the body of the alert email, or as an attachment) to the email, or a link that would display it when clicked.

Level 11

Hi Mark

Deadlock detection and reporting is for sure on the roadmap!  I have you marked down for beta testing when we get to it, is that still ok?


Level 12


Level 7

is this happening yet?

Product Manager
Product Manager

Please sign up for the beta program if you are interested in trying out the latest features. .

Level 8

Deadlock tab a must. waiting patiently

Product Manager
Product Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented