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SolarWinds DPA Support for SQL Server Analysis Services

SolarWinds DPA Support for SQL Server Analysis Services

Hi guys,

  • SQL Server Analysis Services use is on the upswing: At Coles Supermarkets we have a lot of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) users and it is growing with the trend towards data analysis and marketing.
  • Growth in use means performance issues: It's not an area all of our DBAs are familiar with. We usually set and forget with emphasis on (try to forget). It's a different kind of database, there's not much in terms of inbuilt monitoring although there are some attempts on and some DMVs.
  • We need software that monitors SSAS: We had to look at Sentry One for SSAS support which as the users commented is not as intuitive as DPA and they'd rather SolarWinds support SSAS Performance Support. We already use DPA for monitoring the SQL Server instances that SSAS shares and we'd be buying licences for entire SQL Server performance monitoring from another vendor just to get the benefit of SSAS monitoring.

Who agrees that SSAS would be a worthwhile investment from SolarWinds to support high performance of Business Intelligence and data mining needs?

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I've left this for quite a while, 5 months, to collect votes but I don't think we have enough for Solarwinds to invest in an SSAS Solution.

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I Need to have this.

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Community Manager
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