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Setting the time when the custom alert runs

Setting the time when the custom alert runs


Currently we can not set the time we want a custom alert to run if we set the time interval to 1 day.  Right now it reverts back to the time it was created.  Please add this functionality.



Level 11

Thank you Alexey for the request!


Level 12

I think it would also be a useful feature on normal alerts as well - e.g. SQL Server Job Failure, I'd like to run that daily at a set time like 7am so that when I get to work I can check for overnight failures etc.

We can set the interval on the alerts, but in some (many?) cases it would be really useful to be able to choose the scheduling to suit our needs.  Daily at 7.00, Hourly at x:15 etc.

Would be great to have all the flexibility that you have when scheduling a job in SQL Server. 

Use case - I want a wait time alert to run only when the staff is present - 7AM to 6 PM Mon - Sat.  If in the middle of the night the wait times go up, they inconvenience no one and I don't want to be woken up then by a text message to know that.

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Community Manager
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