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New per "SERVICES" tab in performance / wait views

New per "SERVICES" tab in performance / wait views

In its Oracle incarnation, DPA contains various views of wait event / perf data, i,e, per "Users", "Programs", "Machine", "Sessions" and alike, but one important aspect is missing: it would be nice to be able to view wait / perf data per database service, as this is increasingly popular and necessary in Oracle DB installations (Grid Infrastructure, RAC, DataGuard, access management and isolation). Even Oracle AWR reports contain the wait info per "service" summary.

For instance, we are isolating our application access so that each one has a dedicated service name in a database to connect to. Seeing a wait / perf stats and comparison between all registered services would be a major useful information.

I suppose integrating and adding this info in DPA via an additional TAB in various screens would only be a minor product change, because the underlying information is already present (and certainly captured) in v$session and various related internal Oracle views.



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BTW, this was discussed and/or requested quite some time ago with Confio when the product was still Ignite(r) for Oracle, but probably got lost somewhere on the way.

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Given absence of comments or reactions, is it possible that no one has interest, or is using SERVICE based access approach to Oracle databases ???

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Hi Zarko.

No that is not the case.  We usually get flurries of customers comments so it is something that ebs and flows.  As you have stated, I have seen this before in the Confio days and it is something as a PM team we are considering.  That being said, it certainly would help if we see additional comments and voting as well.

Thank you for your feedback and feature request.  We really appreciate it!!


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I am coming back to this suggestion, now more than 2 years later. It is still of importance, especially now with the Oracle12c database and Multitenancy, because there is no other way to connect to a database but using a SERVICE NAME definition (each pluggable database has a default service name, however a custom one - or several ones - can be added). Although DPA 10.2 supports 12c multitenant support and pluggable databases, I have a feeling that this is somewhat a non-integrated approach (each pluggable DB is seen as a separate DB, non related to others).

In addition to the original idea, i would be great to be able to have consolidated views in DPA, per container database, or even better, to be able to have custom made consolidated view from pluggable databases off several containers - using of course SERVICE NAME based (aggregated) metrics, which would allow a real enterprise-wide overview for those going to these new Oracle technologies.



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