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Monitor HANA Databases using SolarWinds DPA

Monitor HANA Databases using SolarWinds DPA

It would be great if we can monitor HANA databases using DPA Module.

Level 15

I have asked for this for years, but there is some limitations which do not fit well with SolarWinds.   You can do a lot with SAM though.   I would investigate how SAM can help you with your monitoring needs regarding SAP HANA.

Level 16

I have 2 HA pairs, 2 QA's, 2 DEV's, and umpteen SBX installations that I am constantly struggling with SolMan to get properly monitored.

Level 15

We've now upgraded to H.E.C. and it's even worse.   it's not even on premise, and locked behind a shroud of SAP magic.  

H.E.C. = HANA Enterprise Cloud

hosted at SAP, not AWS, Not Azure, with SAP.....  Prayers welcome.

Level 9

I know, I remember upvoting your feature request.

By your statement about some limitations, is it safe to say that this feature won't be added ever?

I have implemented some monitoring using SAM and templates from Thwack, but right now my DBA team is looking for more or looking to have it done by DPA module.

Thanks for the contribution