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Make SQL Name specific to an instance

Make SQL Name specific to an instance

Currently, when you name a SQL hash value to make it more human friendly, that name is not instance specific.  So if DPA sees that same hash value running in another instance being monitored, it will show that same name for the statement.  The idea would be to make the CON_SQL_NAME table instance specific instead of global (CON_SQL_NAME_ID) so that you can have different names in different instances for the same hash.

Level 12

I would extend this to make them unique per database within an instance. For people running many instances of the same database in one instance (supporting different customers or regions, for example), this could be helpful.

Level 9

This is one of the requests our users have as well. But also adding more length to the query name, currently the length is limited to 30 characters, to identify Stored Procedure queries we would also like to extend the length of the query name.

Level 12

The 30 character limitation is antiquated and needs to be increased significantly.

Level 8