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Keep Database Monitor (IgniteFree) or Alternative

Keep Database Monitor (IgniteFree) or Alternative

Our environment contains a number of SQL Server instances that are not mission critical (and therefore cannot justify a large cost) that we would still like to get some basic insight into.  My plan had been to use Database Monitor side by side with Solarwinds DPA.  Since there are not plans to keep this software updated going forward I do not plan to use it for this function.

I think it would be nice if this functionality was kept, or built into DPA with a flag as to whether it was a full featured or basic version of the tool for each instance.  This would allow us to use the same or very similar tools for these different requirements.

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We also have been using DatabaseMonitor (IgniteFree) for non-mission-critical database monitoring.  We just recently "upgraded" to DPA (from Ignite) and now this functionality is gone.  Very disappointing.

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Agreed.  We also are fond of the free /limited version for our non-critical environments.  Using the free version has led to several of our additional annual purchases. 

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Yeah, I also agreed.  We also are fond of the free /limited version for our non-critical environments

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It seems that our wish has been granted!  I just had an email from SW with a list of free tools, including a free "SolarWinds Database Monitor"

It appears to be the old Ignite 8.3 free version - may have been tweaked, but I haven't delved into it yet.

Product Manager
Product Manager

DPA Free was released in November - you can get it here: Database Performance Analyzer Free | SolarWinds

You can upgrade your 8.3 server or install a fresh version.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented