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Edit DPA Email Alert

Edit DPA Email Alert

To be able to edit the content of the DPA Email Alert that is being sent out by the tool. View Alert Status provided incorrect URL in the DPA Email Alert, this should be changed and addressed. Much better if we can upload DPA Email Alert Template that can be used by users in sending out alerts.

Level 14

x10 please.  I need to update the URL in the alert to a valid FQDN.

Level 12

Sorry I am just seeing this item. The above feature request is asking more for alerts that can move from one install to another of DPA. For the URL link in an alert you can use the follow KB to get FQDN.

DPA email overrides - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Level 7

Thank you! That fixed it.

Product Manager
Product Manager

For everyone wanting to customize DPA Alert Emails, DPA 2019.4 now provides the ability to:

  1. Create multiple Alert Email Templates with custom subject and body content
  2. Designate a Default Email Template
  3. Configure an alert to use a specific email template or use the currently designated default
  4. Add variables to subject or body content via drag-n-drop
    • The variables will be replaced with appropriate values when the alert is generated
    • Include new Custom Property Variables in email templates
  5. Generate previews for an alert's assigned email template and each of its potential severities to view the result and/or test out any parsers that may receive the emails

Check out this long-awaited feature and more at Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented