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DPA Recurring Blackout Schedule

DPA Recurring Blackout Schedule

Hello! I was showing a DPA support engineer the differences between DPA blackouts and Orion maintenance schedules.

It would be awesome to see a recurring blackout option showing a calendar with specific date and time ranges.

Support case for this was: 00584719.


I looked around on Thwack, but really did not see anything.

Hi Rick,
Unfortunately DPA does not have the same extra utilities to 'unmanage' or set blackouts similar to what is seen in Orion. 
Nor have there been any enhancements to recent versions of DPA.

The best way to do this in DPA will be to follow the guide.

I will set this Case to Feature Request on Closure, to be able to handle alert blackouts via the DPA API. 
Keep in mind we can't provide any dates on when or if the feature would be implemented.


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I think we had a similar request here:

Only requested in 2015, so probably a bit soon to expect any progress...