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DPA Oracle Execution Plans

DPA Oracle Execution Plans

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I noticed that inside DPA when reviewing the execution plan we are missing the important and useful Estimated Rows and Actual rows within the plan.


Is this something that can be added please?

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Hi @hakan01 , does that require adding a query hint, or is there another way to get those details from x$ or v$ views? 

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I am not sure how DPA works to get the explain plan but as a basic example you can add a hint to the sql


Then the following will get the explain plan with estimated and actual rows

SELECT * FROM TABLE(DBMS_XPLAN.display_cursor(format=>'ALLSTATS LAST'));

I can try attaching an example if required.  As I mentioned I have no idea how DPA gets this information and how it stores it but its very useful to have this in the explain plan.

Level 17

@hakan01 DPA is gathering from the V$SQL_PLAN table, AFAIK we don't add hints to queries as they are being executed. If you add the hint to your queries, I believe the data will get stored in V$SQL_PLAN, and then they might get displayed in DPA. If that doesn't work, open a support ticket and one of our SEs can work with you to get the data you need. HTH