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Change the (order of the) colors in the charts

Change the (order of the) colors in the charts

The colors chosen, and the order in which they are used, frequently puts very similar colors next to each other, making it hard to differentiate them. In the example below, it would be much more readable if colors 2 and 3 (counting from the top in the legend) were swapped, 8 and 9 were swapped, and 11 and 13 were swapped. I'm not color blind, but making two shades of purple adjacent is just cruel. 🙂

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Level 12

I am colour-blind, and it would be a very good idea!

Even if you could just right-click on a particular item and select a colour of your choice.

Perhaps a choice of colour palettes for the users?

Level 12

I also noticed that when looking at a chart showing SQL statements, the bar will change color if you name it instead of leaving it as a hash number. I don't know if that's intentional as there is nothing that says there is a different color set used for named statements vs. unnamed.

Level 8

The same request applies to colors used for wait types as well, especially since they are apparently hard-coded, and "Memory/CPU" was changed from red in DPA 10.1 to green in DPA 10.2 (see Re: "Memory/CPU" color ).

Level 7

OLEDB and Memory/CPU look too similar and it's confusing that they're both almost the same shade of green. 

Level 8


The color order in the bar graph on the Databases tab makes me feel color blind.

The top two most active databases have almost the same color.


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