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Allow users the ability to filter queries from main trend view

Allow users the ability to filter queries from main trend view

Allow users the ability to eliminate queries from being displayed in the main trend view as desired. Currently the only way to do this is to exclude the query from the quick poll. The user shoul dbe allowed to easily exclude/include the query from being displayed in the graph.

Level 9

Very important.  Currently, a single long running dead/idle connection query, or a frequently run background query can render the rest of the graph invisible due to scaling.

1) exclude/include based on string expression of query string.  'not like '%_load%'

2) exclude/include based on object name and object dependencies and type of query.  So if I want to see all queries that touch a table, views and stored procedures that also touch the table would be included.  'insert/update of mytable', 'select,insert,update, delete of myOtherTable'

Level 8

This should be a feature for any chart showing any dimension. Not just the 30 day trend view but also the 24hr (day) view along with the hour view etc. Also I could see this needed for the other dimensions as well. (Databases, Machines, Programs, etc). The point is you may want to filter out an object at any level of drill down.

This will be a great feature to have.  But for now, there are several ways to filter certain sql statements out of your view.  When drilling into a day on the trend screen of DPA, you can select the 'interval' drop down box and select a 1 day interval so you have one 24 hour bar.  After you have rolled it up to the day interval, choose any tab (or dimension) and then drill into to bar.  From there, you can focus on a certain DBUser, File, Wait Event/type, etc...  Once you choose the specific DBUser (for example) to focus on, drill into that DBUser to see up to 50 sql statements run by that DBUser.   You can then select the timeslice tab to further work at the hourly level or keep drilling down to a second of information.

Another way to exclude sql statements from a view is to run a report and select only the sql statements that you want to view.  In the 'TOP SQL' report, you can even perform sql_text searches to view all 'insert' statement or see all sql statements going against a certain table.

Finally, if you really don't want to see a certain sql statement, dbUser, etc... you can tell DPA not to collect it. The following KB article explains how to do this:

Level 12

I have a few problem queries that are in a 3rd party app I cannot change. These wildly skew the scale of the charts, which is the same situation that sqlrockstar describes.

Changing the interval doesn't help me because I want to see the longer-term charts without these statements represented.

The reports suffer from the same problem. There's no option for "show the top 10 SQL starting with #12".

I want to collect the information, I just don't want to display it much of the time. There should be an option to hide statements and the charts should offer the option to either show hidden statements or not. This should also be true for specific waits (ASYNC_NETWORK_IO is a problem for anyone with Microsoft Access users).

Level 11

Hi Mark,

In the DPA 9.1 version that was released as GA March 10th, we have a way to exclude SQL Statements from trend screens at the 30 day view and the 24 hour view.  Give it a look and let me know what you think.


Level 12

Nice! I knew 9.1 was in beta but didn't realize it was GA yet. Thanks!

Mark Freeman

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On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 11:37 AM, kathleen.gibbs <

Level 11

You can find information about this feature that was implemented in DPA 9.1 here Database Performance Analyzer 9.1 Release Candidate is available now!!!!