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Allow Historical View Of SQL Even If Hash Changes(Link Hashes)

Allow Historical View Of SQL Even If Hash Changes(Link Hashes)


The image above show trend data for a particular SQL (Stored Procedure). You can see it only starts where the annotation was made for a deployment that was done on prod. The SQL (Stored Procedure) in question has been around for years so I know it wasn't a new SP from the deploy. The stored procedure was modified in the deployment and therefore the hash that DPA assigns has changed from the previously DPA assigned hash. This makes it hard to see "trend" data over time from one deploy to the next in order to see if changes have helped or hurt performance. I know there is more data on that graph for this section of the Stored Procedure unfortunately it is under a different hash.

It would be useful if we had a way to link hashes together perhaps under the SQL Properties window where you are able to rename hashes. By linking them together we could in the graphical view in the image display all the data for this hash and all linked hashes which would give us the ability to view performance of a SQL over time between deployments even if the hash has changed.

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In the case of database objects like Stored Procedures, views, triggers, and functions, the fully qualified name of the object or a hash of the name of the object could be used to link them.