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Alerts for "all-clear" messages once an issue has been fixed

Alerts for "all-clear" messages once an issue has been fixed

It would be helpful for DPA to offer a notification trigger that fires when an alert returns to normal from anything other than normal as described in the following post.

How do i setup alerts to send clear messages once an issue has been fixed?

Level 7

It would be very helpfull for central monitoring systems. Since DPA can not send a notification when an alert returns to normal it is hard to find when the problem is solved. I hope this feature will come soon.

Level 12

duplicate here

Level 8

Has anyone including Solar Winds come up with an "All Clear" alert notification?

Level 8

We couldn't wait and wrote our own "Return to Normal" notification. The data is available in the Solar Winds database so we just wrote our own utility to monitor and email when a notification goes back to normal. It still should be available in the application IMHO.

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Community Manager
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Product Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

DPA 2020.2 Release now supports this feature request. On supported Alert types there is now a "NORMAL" status that you can assign a notification list for email or SNMP traps. If the notification policy is set to "Notify when level changes", and the alert returns to NORMAL from another status, the clearing or normal alert will be sent to the assigned notification list. 

You can also leverage custom email templates to include various variables about the alert and format the email for easy parsing. 

Review the Release 2020.2 Thwack article or Release Documentation for more details.

NORMAL Alert Notification.png