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Ability to group or give query's the same name

Ability to group or give query's the same name

Our users are forced to run batch jobs. These kinds of jobs run for several hours on the users client. During this the client executes some expensive query's, query's with tens of thousands of executions, heavy on read and writes and most have a execution time above 100ms.

It would be very useful that once we have identified query's and we know which batch job they belong to we can group or give these query's the same name. This way it's more clear what functionality within the software is most likely to be the cause of potential performance issues.

Level 12

We have an application that uses Grails and Hibernate. It appends a semi-unique number onto aliases. For example:

(@P0 int)

SELECT this_.autonumber as autonumber4_0_, 

   this_.Carrier as Carrier4_0_, 

   this_.OrderNumber as OrderNum4_0_, 

   this_.TrackingId as TrackingId4_0_ 

FROM SETrackingView this_ 

WHERE this_.OrderNumber=@P0 

The instances of "4_0" might be a "36_2" the next time the statement is executed, with no other changes. Over time, I'd like to name these and be able to have them be treated as if the same statement.

Level 7

I'm having this exact issue.   I'm asking the developers to take a look at what can be done to tell Grails/Hibernate not to keep having new aliases.   This seems to be an old request for DPA.  If you get this, let me know if you've heard anything on this topic.

Level 12

Note that this is a request to be able to manually group hashes.

A more advanced version of this would allow us to specify a regular expression to identify SQL to be automatically grouped based on the text matching the RegEx.

Please also see Re: Historically Associate Queries