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"DPA Rotator" - Automatically Cycle Through Important DPA Pages

UPDATE 2018-11-02: New version available (see attached dpa_rotator2.html)

- pages can now be scaled (zoomed in or out)

- small progress bar at the top

- pages truly pre-load for instant display

- can be run locally, or hosted on a web server


I have a need to monitor a server in near real-time, so I have a laptop beside my desk with DPA open on it. I built an html page that cycles through a series of DPA pages so I can easily see if something is amiss or otherwise warrants some attention.

So I figured I'd share the source code in case any one else has a similar need. It should be easy enough to tweak to meet your own needs.

It's a simple self-contained HTML file that uses jQuery and some JavaScript code to toggle content between two different frames. I included a ton of comments in there, too. I'm sure it can be optimized and polished further

Also, I must say thanks to user mandevil for his assistance: URLs for specific tabs on pages?


Does not work with version 12 of DPA, since DPA pages can no longer be displayed in iframes. (see Allow DPA Pages to Load in Frames (iframes)? )


The new features within DPA 12 use a different technology than previous versions. We are moving the whole GUI to the new screens eventually, but I will send your note to our engineering team to get their thoughts.

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