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What We Are Working On for DPA (Updated July, 2020)

To receive updates on the DPA roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page

Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and have been vital in shaping Database Performance Analyzer into the product it is today. We are always listening, so please forward your feature requests, problems and use-case stories.

  • New SQL Diagnostic workflow:
    • Enhanced capability to find and diagnose queries matching SQL statement content and other metadata
  • Usability and Workflow Improvements
    • Improved metric graph visualizations and customizations
  • Microsoft SQL Server enhancements:
    • New analysis for TempDB and Backup
  • Reduced registration role requirements for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP Sybase ASE instances
    • Register with existing monitored DB users with reduced roles (e.g., no sys, sysadmin, or sa privileged role requirements)
  •  CyberArk integration to store/manage entity access credentials
    • Enable CyberArk to manage credentials for Monitored Databases, VM Option hosts, SMTP, LDAP, and DPA Repositories
  • Support MySQL 8 as a DPA repository 
  • Support analysis of Db2 11.5 databases

See and vote on all features here: Database Performance Analyzer Feature Requests

Please note that the above indicates what we are currently working on but is not a guarantee that these features will be delivered should difficulties, circumstances, or priorities change. 



How is cdb/pdb/multi-tenant support coming along?  We are working on setting up a patching schedule, and it seems like the best way to meet our goals is to go pluggable....  WIth a container db that has one pluggable at a particular version, say PSU1, and an empty container that has PSU2....  We unplug from the PSU1 container and plug into the PSU2 container (all on the same server), ta-daa!  The database is patched.  Unfortunately, DPA needs to be able to connect to pluggables in order to make this feasible.  SO, we are loking for insight as to when support in DPA will be available.

I have to say I'm very excited for these two features:

  • Baselining for SQL Statements
  • Reporting on Resource Metrics

Can't wait to see all the work you guys are putting in the product!

Nice to see you are including some of the top requested features. However, the one I really would like to see is missing.

Any chance will be integrated in the near future?

Really want to see this (for MSSQL):

  • Deadlock detection and reporting

Is there a schedule for the release containing this feature?

We're unable to promise features to releases or dates.  I can tell you we are actively working on it.  It's not wishful thinking.  🙂

In the "Improving management of instances in DPA for large environments" category, here is a shameless plug for people to vote for:

Hi wondered if you had a estimated release date?

SWI has a strict policy to not disclose release dates or even estimate them. Sorry about that!!

Deadlocks, locking and blocking is available now on DPA 10.2 and it looks great!

Read more here DPA 10.2 Now Available - Root Blockers, Idle Blockers and Deadlocks 

Let us know what you think

Now that you are a privately held company, do you have more leeway with information that would help companies with their internal planning and budgets?

We are following the same process as pre-acquisition, so the What We Are Working On post is still the best place to see our roadmap.

Any hopes of getting postgres added to the supported databases for monitoring?

Vote for the feature request 

We for sure watch the features with the most votes. 

I am working on potential transition from FogLight, etc. to DPA. When I asked our team DBAs using postgres what monitoring needs they had for same, they stated that postgres had robust internal monitoring capabilities.

The Deadlocks is really wonderful however there is no reporting option on it like Top SQL Statements. That would help us tremendously. Are there any plans for it?

Great idea!

(Sent from my phone)

So do Oracle and SQL Server; however, DPA provides a common interface that developers and DBAs alike can use.  In a large enterprise environment where DBA's are responsible for more than 1 RDBMS technology a tool with cross-platform capability providing a consistent UI is critical.

Things may have changed, but I supported Postgres until about 4 years ago and saying it had robust internal monitoring capabilities is a real stretch. Most of the monitoring was tied very closely to the OS. Other than watching OS processes and resource consumption, there was a build in lock procedure you could call. However, this is all real-time.

That, to me, sounds like a group of DBA's that prefer to bury their head in the sand and wait for someone else to tell them that they have a problem...

Hi, anyone has an idea of how and when is coming the support for Oracle 12.2? I've opened a ticket, but thought someone here may have a glimpse...


I am not seeing the Release Candidate on the download portal.

Next to this I am really wondering what has been updaten, is there any place I can find the release notes?

Can we have the comments in Date Descending mode/option on all forums please?
Having to scroll through years old information is confusing and frustrating.

re.harmsen I might be a bit late in reply now. the release notes were not out right away now that we are GA you can find that here. DPA 11.1 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support 

I am surprised and maybe a little disappointed to still not see Postgres on the DPA road map anywhere.

You can vote for PostgreSQL here:

Any updates on what you are working on?

Last update is of december 2017

We are still working on the above items - anything you are looking for that you don't see?

DPA support for Postgres continues to rank high on the feature request list (currently 2nd place).  Any word on when - or if - this may be coming?

We can't share timelines, but we are definitely interested in supporting PostgreSQL, Make sure you vote for PostgreSQL here: Add DPA support for PostgreSQL.

Did so 2 years ago.  Eagerly awaiting it's adoption!

hope,every one can down and try beta/rc version


​ I have been trying to work with the Alerts in DPA. However, I have been finding difficulties with scheduling the alerts. I saw there was a voting item Setting the time when the custom alert runs . Would it be possible to move this up into a release. I have been very hesitant to move our SQL Agent alerts to DPA because of this limitation. Thank you in advance.

Setting the time when an alert executes is definitely on our radar, and already included in a future release. However, we cannot guarantee when a specific feature ends up in a release. Sorry about that.

You mentioned monitoring database jobs. Is that an alert you would only run once a day where scheduling becomes necessary? Many people run the database job alert every 10 minutes so they can be notified if a job failed within the last 10 minutes. In that case, scheduling becomes less of an issue as long as it runs every 10 minutes.


Thank you very much for the quick response. If the feature gets included in a release, will the people who voted be notified of that release? Or should I check the feature page for when it comes out.  Also, I have the job failure alert setup in DPA, I am only concerned with the limitation of what time period the alert should run.

Yes, we typically reach out to those who voted for a feature to become beta testers early in the process. We also mark the feature request as implemented.

As far as the alert goes, you can execute as frequently as once a minute, if you want to be notified within 1 minute of a failure if that helps.

When can we expect to see you begin working on Postgres support in DPA.

This is the #1 suggestion and has been in the top 4 for a long time. Are

you guys just avoiding the topic? I'm losing hope and need to pick a

direction now as Postgres is becoming a much larger and more critical piece

of our portfolio. I'd had to leave DPA behind, but I need a tool...

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 11:45 AM darichar

bmrad​ - We are in the process of moving many of our SQL Servers to Azure Managed Instance. I see that support for MI is in the works. When should we expect to see that feature added?

Thanks for such a great monitoring platform!

We can only say we are working on it, we can't give delivery dates... but if there is a beta listed in the post at the top, you can sign up and learn what's in the beta.

Alerting Improvement is really helpful. I hope we can see more data in Orion Integrated Resources.

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