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Custom Alert - SQL Server Backup Monitoring


This alert will detect databases that have not had a backup done within the last day. It will provide a simple count, and any return of 1 or more (at least one backup for a database has failed) will trigger an email.


To create the alert, click on Alerts > Manage Alerts tab and create a Custom Alert of type Custom SQL Alert - Single Numeric Return. Configure the alert with values similar to these:

Alert Name: Missing backups

Execution Interval: 1 day

Notification Text: This instance has databases not backed up in the last day.

Active Database Instances: Add the Ignite Repository DB only

SQL Statement:

SELECT count(*)

FROM sysdatabases


   SELECT database_name

   FROM msdb..backupset

   WHERE type = 'D'

   GROUP BY database_name

   HAVING max(backup_start_date) > GETDATE()-1)

AND name NOT like 'tempdb'

AND name NOT like 'model'

Execute Against: Monitored Instance

Units: Number of databases without backup

High Threshold: Min 1, Max empty

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when this backup check is setup is it only looking at native SQL backups or can it look at backups from 3rd party software too?

and does the Ignite Repository database hold the backup information in a table for all the DPA monitored databases?  I'm wondering why we are only adding the repository database?

thanks in advance, Susie

This is alert is for monitored instances. The results are persisted in our alert tables.

Is there a way to query SQL Server for 3rd party backups? If yes, then a 3rd party alert is possible.

If not, we're confined to what we can pull from SQL Server directly as we don't have OS access (intentionally).

thanks Mandevil,

do you have the code for the 3rd party backups?  all our servers are backed up using 3rd party software.

thanks, Susie

I don't. I'd ask the 3rd party provider of the backup tool if they log anything within SQL Server itself.

If they update any tables within SQL Server, then we might be able to look at them, but I'd have no idea how their tool is architected.


When I configure the alert for SQL Server Backup failed to monitor and getting below can you please help out with the same.


Hate to do this, but can you repost this under the SAM forum? That community will be able to help you much better than we will. 8 )

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