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Level 7

trend for wait type

In Solarwind DPA, it  provides wait type information for the server it is monitoring.  If we encounter a high wait type in 10 mins during the day (an incident) and we want to see the history trend  for that wait type per day, week or even month, is it doable in DPA?


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Level 14

Set your timeframe to be within an hour or within a day. If on a day, set the interval to be 1 day.

Then click on the waits tab in the dimensions listed across the top. Click on the 1 vertical bar. Click into the wait you want to see patterned.

Now click back to timeslice.

What you will see are the top SQL statements that are experiencing that particular wait. It's not perfect, but it is a decent proxy... (the aggregate of the top SQL - so the height of the entire bar represents the amount of that particular wait state, but subcategorized by the impacted SQL)

See if that gets you close to what you are looking for.

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