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Level 7

how to test a dblink in oracle

i have a dblink that i want to test to make its functional during working hours.  Can someone give me step-by-step to do this?


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Level 8

This could be done with a view.   Below is the example.  'test' is the owner of the db_link and user 'dpa_m' is the DPA monitor user.

Login to your user that owns the db_link:

conn test

(example link) create database link test_dbl connect to remote_test identified by remote_test using


create a view:

create view test_vw as select * from dual@test_dbl;

Grant to monitor user:

grant select on test_vw to dpa_m;

Within DPA, create a 'Custom SQL Alert - Single Boolean Return'.

For the SQL Statement, enter the following:

select 'TRUE' from test.test_vw;

Execute it against the monitored DB.

For the Alerts & Notifications set to alert on 'BROKEN'.