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What we are working on now

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I created the request for you for this at

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Thank you

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How do customers submit feature request? Is this appropriate forum? I have used Ignite for years, and have just recently received funding at my current company to purchase DPA.

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jbfultz - You can submit a feature request here: Database Performance Analyzer Feature Requests

On the right side you'll see the option to "create an idea" underneath the Actions menu.

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I have two suggestions that would be of tremendous value to our company:

1) Today if there were a question whether Ignite sent an email or a trap, we would have no documentation that would assure what actions were taken.  It would be great if, like in SQL Agent, there were a list of actions taken and any errors in taking an action listed.  That way we could demonstrate that an email was sent or a trap was generated.

2) If we upgrade a server to a new instance, there is a transition period where we do not wish to monitor the instance but where we may need to reactivate it or we may need to access the history of its monitoring (for a before-and-after comparison).  However, the current options for leaving the monitor in place cause problems for our alerting process. If we leave the monitor on, we will generate instance availability alerts that are false.  If we turn it off, we have no way of showing that this was done on purpose and monitor-the-monitor processes will see it as a problem and alert falsely.  It would be nice if instead of just on and off, there were a third status of "archived" or "decommissioned" to show that the instance is off, but is off on purpose and can safely be ignored by monitor-the-monitor or in the GUI.

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Howdy Kathleen, 

curious with the work you guys are trying if its possible to be a guinea pig.  I would absolutely love some of those metrics. 

Hey! add me.    

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Thank you for the response.  We are always open to people looking to help test out and give us feedback.  I will keep in touch!


Thanks,  would greatly appreciate it.