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Level 7

What kind of reports can SW generate?

I have a question about reports that SolarWinds can generate. So for ex. I have  a building with 2 rooms. Room 1 has app servers, web servers, database servers. and Room 2 is empty. I am told that we are getting a new website. What reports could I provide to the new project dept. that would tell them how the resources are currently allocated? The report would help them determine if we have the resources in room 1 to add the new website or if we need to get new servers in Room 2.

I know you can do reports from each node about the hard drive capacity and overall health (cpus, fans) but I don't want 100 reports, I want a higher overview of what is going on in a group of nodes.

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Level 14

It looks like your question is more targeted for Orion rather than DPA.

I'd suggest posting this again under SAM or NPM or one the Orion core products.

Level 7

oh ok! Thanks for the suggestion