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Level 9

What are the SQL Server "Best Practices" for setting up Alerts

Hi folks,

Do you have any recommendations/guidelines or even best practices when it comes to setting up SQL Server Alerts? Have you come across some great alert configurations or must have alerts? So far I've got severity level 17 through to 25 for the error log, are there any other error log alerts or even alerts outside of the error log that I should have configured?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Murray

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Level 12

I suggest monitoring SQLAgent and for failed SQLAgent jobs.  There are some errors you could monitor for that indicate corruption.  Error 823, 824 and 832.  Here are some links that may help.

Level 9

Thanks Brian, I currently have the SQL Jobs monitored through DPA and error log's with severity levels 17 through 25. What other handy alerts should I setup within DPA? (e.g. Data/Log file free space, blocking, etc...) and how do I configure these correctly without impacting server performance?

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Level 12

I just browsed through reports available online and here's ones, that as a DBA, I would consider.

Here's a couple of reports for blocking :

Here's a report that can help you find table scans :

Here's a report that suggests indexes :

Top Programs by day :

Backup monitoring :

Database Growth :

*also requires this one:

Long Running Queries: