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Level 11

Welcome to THWACK Database Performance Analyzer or DPA (formerly Confio's Ignite)

We would to take the opportunity to welcome all THWACK users new and old to the DPA (or formally Ignite) Forum.  We are very excited for the move to thwack and look forward to interacting with you all.

If you haven't yet, please set yourself up to following the various DPA pages, 'What we are working on now' is an example, so you can get the latest information from the Product Team.

Kathy Gibbs

Product Management Team for Database Performance Analyzer or DPA (formally Confio's Ignite):

Kathy Gibbs

Pad Sadagopan

Brian Flynn

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Level 12

Thanks .. I do have a question for you -

So I run a few Orion applications - NPM , NTA , SAM and IPAM - We use SAM app insight for our SQL servers and Databases ..  what is the diff between this product and DPA , it seems to do the same thing.

Thanks for your time ..

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SAM App Insight is more focused on system level performance metrics and DPA is more focused on query performance. 

The ability to answer why a query is slow and make recommendations are perhaps the most important differentiators.  DPA breaks down query run time into specific wait events that indicates what was holding up query response.  This information helps developers improve performance by adjusting queries and helps administrators understand how specific hardware and system level changes may help specific queries.

DPA does also have system metrics and when the VM option is purchased, it overlays VMware metrics and events on top of db instance metrics & query performance.  There are some metrics App Insight for SQL Server has that DPA does not.  Similarly, Virtualization Manager (VMAN) has functionality that goes far beyond the DPA VM option.  To explore that, you might want to schedule a call with one of our Sales Engineers.

Additionally, DPA currently supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase.  A DPA user can more easily understand the performance analogues across platforms because the DPA interface is the same, regardless of the database platform.  Therefore your SQL Server DBAs and developers can make meaningful contributions to troubleshoot Oracle performance and vice versa.

Thanks for the detailed response .. and it will help me explain it to my manager right down in words he understands.