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Upgrade DPA from version 10.0 to 12.0 for SQL Server

I have been tasked with upgrading DPA that we have running on SQL Server 2014.  The current version is 10.0 and we would like to upgrade to 12.0.  I have a few questions.

1. Can I upgrade from 10.0 to 12.0 in one step or will it take multiple steps to get to version 12.0?

2. Besides taking an image of the server and a backup of the database is there anything else that is required for an upgrade?

     a. Upgrade SQL Server 2014 to the most current service pack?

     b. Upgrade the OS and apply any OS patches?

3. Is upgrading DPA pretty straight forward or is there anything that I need to look out for?

4. Is there an estimate as to how long  it will take for the upgrade?

5. Do I need to save or take a screenshot of the user accounts and the license keys?

Any help will be appreciated.



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The official path for upgrading from DPA 10.0 to 12.0 is mentioned in this article: Upgrade path for SolarWinds DPA - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support . It suggests upgrading to DPA 10.2 first and then to 12.0. From a product perspective, we test mostly against the latest service packs, so I would say yes to question 2, 2a and 2b.

DPA upgrades typically take less than 30 minutes, but if you do have problems, backups of the DPA server and repository database will be your friend.

The license keys you are using in the 10.0 installation will be migrated as well, so you shouldn't need screenshot of them as long as you have access to the SolarWinds customer portal where your keys are also stored.

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Thank you for your response.  If I have to upgrade from DPA 10.0 to DPA 10.2 is there a way to get a copy of DPA 10.2?  Is it still available for download>

Thanks again


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The downloads for DPA and other Solarwinds products are in your customer portal If you need past versions there is a drop-down menu to the left of the download button. It looks like at current you can still download back to DPA 9.1 so you should be able to just take the last release for that version 10.2.579

If you don't have a customer portal login please email and they can help set that up.


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Thanks again.  You have been a big help.


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