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Level 7

Upgrade DPA 12.0

Hello, we're trying to upgrade DPA 12.0 to latest version available 2020, but, when we try to connect, we receive following message: 

- DPA Startup in progress. Please wait..........

Then, an error:

- Request failed. Try again.

Any clue how to solve that? It's a LINUX upgrade.

Thanks and Regards.


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Level 17

@AdemirP Are you still having issues upgrading? Maybe try to stop/restart the service and see if that helps? You could also check the logs (IWC, Error, or Wizard logs) and see if there is any indication of an issue there. If you are still having issues, I would ask you open a support ticket so we can track any issues. 


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@sqlrockstar We rollback the upgrade for now. We'll try again in January. If any issues arises, we'll call support! 

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