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Level 9

Understanding Transactions Per Second in DPA

Hello all, we recently upgraded one of our production applications.  Since then TPS has dropped about 60%.  Just trying to to determine if this is good or bad.  Waits and blocking are noticeably down, so that is good.  Any TPS input would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 7

By the given post, I am able to understand the new terms regarding the transaction per second DPA and I want to say that it will be really very useful for the users. I also want to ask that is the module will be accessible through IOS devices. I am also going to ask Apple iPad Support related to this.

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Level 11

Is it possible the application changes now batch statements better so less transactions may be a good thing? DPA gets the value for this metric directly from the database itself, so it would be worth investigating. Which type of database is this for?