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Static SQL in DB2?

It appears that the DB2 monitor is not collecting static SQL. The only calls we can see are dynamic SQL. Is there a way to do this? It sounds like DPA uses the GET SNAPSHOT commands to retrieve query performance, which does not include static SQL. Starting in DB2 9.7 they introduced a new interface to monitor dynamic and static SQL statements (MON_GET_PKG_CACHE_STMT). Is there anyway to switch it over to use this instead of GET SNAPSHOT?

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Level 9

Greetings awickham10,

Could you please send us your log files at for us to look them over? Also something quick to check. Did you turn on the flag DFT_MON_STMT? It must be set to ON for Ignite to fully monitor your DB2 instance. You can check this by running the command 'db2 get database manager configuration'. Look for the statement flag in the "Default database monitor switches" section, the flag should be set to ON. Otherwise please send us your logs and we'll take a look for you. Here's a KDB on how to compile those logs if you haven't done so before:

Ignite Trouble Shooting / Sending Log Files to Confio Support - Confio Article 1517

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