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Setting Up Alerts for SQL Deadlocks/Locks

We have a DPA trial installed and I was looking into alerting capabilities.  Is there a way to send an email alert when a deadlock is detected? I'm seeing block wait times, but not deadlocks.  Am I missing it?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

There is also a "Total Blocking Wait Time" alert under Wait Time Category.

You can also set up custom alerts. Custom Metrics and Custom Alerts can be setup to query either the monitored database or query the DPA Repository.

In Thwack for DPA, do a search to see related articles that have been submitted as well as a plethora of other custom alerts and metrics that people have setup. Some of the more relevant ones to Deadlocks:

  2. How to create a custom alert/message on DPA for deadlocking or locking taking more than 1 minutes of...
  3. Custom Alert - Average Blocking Time per Session
  4. Re: queries and session ids in deadlock alert
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Yes, there is an alert just for deadlocks.  It's in the Administrative group called SQL Server Deadlocks.

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