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SQL Monitoring

Our database team is very reluctant to provide the sysadmin credentials for the database servers. Is there any way that we can monitor the database servers without the provision of sysadmin credentials. Like in SAM, a SQL server can be monitored to some extent using a limited rights user.

I have tried DPA and SQL Sentry One, but both need SYSADMIN credentials.

Kindly tell me the way around for it.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

You can see the permissions that DPA uses here:

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Should note these only are documented to apply up to DPA 9.2 (quite an old version).  Most recent is 2019.4.  Should ask SolarWinds if these permissions are up-to-date.

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Hi.  If you look at the environment list section, you'll see it goes through 12.1, which is the release prior to 2019.4.  These should be still applicable to 2019.4, I've asked to get the documents updated, and see if we can list the newest version first.   Cheers.

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oops, I caught the last section and assumed it was the last version... need coffee...

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DPA only uses the SA credential once, when you first add the database server.  At that time it creates a local service account that has minimal permissions.  Have them give you a temporary SA account and they can delete it when you are done.

- Marc Netterfield, Github