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Level 8

Page Life Expectancy out of whack? (DPA shows values in order of millions of seconds)

Hi everybody,

We are having an issue with one of our monitored servers today (Page Life Expectancy too low). While I was looking at the server, I saw that the Page Life Expectancy was showing values in order of millions of seconds. To be more precise, 4 294 958 seconds. Furthermore, this value is going up into the millions and then, down to the hundreds, then up again in the millions, etc...


What's going on here? How can DPA calculate Page Life Expectancy to be in the range of millions of second and then minutes later, calculate and show Page Life Expectancy in the hundred? BTW, 4 294 958 seconds is roughly 49 days...

Thank you,


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Level 14

Eric, yes, it definitely seems like something is off with the metric as reported.  8 )

Do you mind submitting a support ticket?  We can work with you and go after the raw data to see what's throwing it out of whack to far.

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Hi All,

I have similar issue that PLE down to almost 0 very quickly,but not so frequently than Eric's issue,3~4 times per week.Now I want to setup an alert,that there will be mail notification while the PLE value less than 7200sec,then we can look into it once receive the notification,but not sure how to setup the job,Does anyone know this? Pls help,Thanks.

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What version of DPA are you on?  If you are on the latest, there is a way to setup an alert based on a resource metric making this very easy.

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Hi Mandevil,

Our version is 9.2.119,it should be the latest one.Could you suggest how to do,I am new to DPA?

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If you go into the any metric you want to alert on, in resources section, then click on settings. Here you can set custom thresholds for critical and warning levels.


These values will be used to highlight the critical and warnings on the home page.


As of DPA 9.0 they are also used in the alerts section by clicking on the resources radio button.


Thank you very much for such detailed guide.

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