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Orion and Dell Openmanage MIB

I am looking for a MIB that does the same thing Dell OpenManage does but I want the monitoring/alerts to come from Orion SolarWinds. We currently have Dell's Openmanage that comes with the Dell Servers. I want to import these MIBs into SolarWinds and get an alert if a HD goes down or offline, bad memory, etc. Is that possible if so any advice/help would be great!!

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Level 12

This would be a question better posted for follow up on another forum on THWACK like this one Application & Server​ This is the section of THWACK for Database Performance Analyzer. That said the best bet is to make sure your MIB database is up to date and if the MIB you are searching for is still not there you can submit it for an update to the Solarwinds MIB database. Add MIBs to the SolarWinds MIB database - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support 

Start there and perhaps if you still need help move this discussion to the other section.

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