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Network requirements for DPA - USA and UK DB Servers


We currently have DPA in the US and the UK.  UK is monitoring UK DB servers and US monitoring US DB servers.

Is there any issue with bringing over the monitoring of the US DB servers into the UK DPA?  where would most of the network activity be?

The reason I ask is that the US server that DPA is running on is under powered, running a lower version of DPA with no backups at the moment (we have just taken over this environment) wondered if it's just easier to move into our UK DPA (obviously history would be lost)

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The problem you will likely run into is the network latency overhead of queries coming from the UK to the US-based databases. DPA collects wait time statistics every second. If the network latency adds a lot of overhead, you will get a lower granularity of collection (e.g., a second of latency would in effect only capture statistics every 2 or 3 seconds). In general, I'd suggest having a DPA Server co-located in each Data Center (likewise for cloud DBs, a DPA server co-located in the same cloud).

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