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Monitoring COMMIT_TABLE Waits


I have a situation where processes start stacking.  It continues to grow until all of the system resources get consumed and the server needs to be reboot.  Below is an example of what happens:


When this happens, the COMITT_TABLE waits increase at approximately the same rate:


I've already set up an alert to notify me when the total database instance reaches a certain threshold.

I'd like to set up another alert that will fire off when only the COMMIT_TABLE reaches a certain level but I can't figure out if that's possible.

Can someone help we out there?



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Good Morning,

I've had this post sitting out here for 4 months and no one has replied.  So, I guess that either no one is interested or has an answer that they'd like to share....



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Hello Paul. 

This should be fairly straightforward with a 'Total SQL Wait Time for Single Wait' alert under the Wait Time category.

11-15-2018 9-16-38 AM.png

When you create this alert, you can search for that specific wait type 'COMMIT_TABLE', set the interval for 1 hour and the wait time in your case to say 500000 seconds as a min and send the alert to the required group.

Thanks so much for your advise.  I have created this alert as you described.

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