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Mission Accomplished!

I used DPA (Ignite) at my former employer (Rite Aid) and fell in love with the product. I changed employers back in Dec to Leidos and after a few days on the job, immediately recognized the need for DPA. Idera just wasn't cutting it. After many demos, proven value, and debate, we are now a DPA customer. Better days are ahead!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey dwj119‌,

Echoing Kathy's comment above.  Additionally, if you'd be interested in sharing your experience and how DPA "saved your bacon" we'll get a $25 gift card over to you! Just post your story in Spread the Word‌ and answer these bullet points.

  1. What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)
  2. Which SolarWinds product(s) saved your bacon?
  3. Did you consider other options, and why did you choose SolarWinds?
  4. How has life been since you've rolled out SolarWinds in your environment?

*copy/paste these questions directly into your post*

Welcome back and we're glad to have you here in the community!


sure Danielle, no problem. I'm pretty busy today with SQL 2014 upgrades but I can write something up tomorrow. Take care

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Hey Dustin,

I'm so glad to hear you are back in the family!    Here's wishing you the best at your new position...


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+1 Jannis Griffin.  Good to hear from you Dustin!

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Hi Dustin,

It is great to hear that you are back.


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