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Is there a way in DPA to group queries that have different hashes but perform the same work?

We have a situation where the application accessing the database generates SQL Queries on the fly, but for some reason it aliases the field names with different numbers depending on the Application Server that runs the query. Is there any way to force DPA to join the multiple queries so that the statistics for the query sum up properly and give us a real picture of how poor the query is performing?

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Level 12

You might be able to do a custom report for now. If you know the hash values you are after using these custom reports. Changing the query some to group by more then one hash value. Note the top one would be for a SQL server repository and the second an Oracle repository. Just a thought for getting the data on this from DPA as it is now.

Custom Report - Top SQL by Any Metric

Custom Report - Top SQL by Any Metric - Oracle

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Level 14

The issue we run into is that the database engine itself will assign a different sql_handle or sql_id if anything in the query changes. Really the only way to bridge this is to name the hashes as discovered with similar naming conventions so you can easily recognize when queries are related. How to recognize and do this programmatically might be subject to misses or false positives - yet an interesting problem to ponder!

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Level 12

There are feature requests to deal with this as there is no current product feature that will do what you are asking. Please vote for:

There may be others that are related.

Note that I'm just a user and do not speak for SolarWinds.

Thanks for the information. This is what I expected. It would seem that custom reports is likely the best way to try and get the summation of the various queries the Application ORM is randomly generating.

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