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Level 7

Is there a document that describes the repository?

I am building a flex/bison-based SQL parser that looks for all selects having group by clauses without order by clauses as a risk reduction for migrating to Sybase 15. The parser works quite well and now I am now using the Ignite repository as a very good source of SQL text that our databases have seen. The CONST_NN tables have these data. My question is "Is there a document/map describing the table relationships and column definitions for the Ignite/DPA repository?"

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Level 12

It's not something we publish but I'll follow up with you offline to see what we can do.

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Level 8

This would be real useful for me too - I'd love to do some custom queries for myself, but I am going blindly through the tables now.

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Level 12

I'd also be interested in any information about the repository tables.

There's an option to execute custom alerts against the repository (and it also can be used in the Database Query Tool) which might be useful, but without knowing the repository configuration, it's a bit hit and miss. 

A simple one I'd like to know right now - where are the start times/next run times for alerts stored? If I can tweak some daily alerts to run at specific times, I'll be pleased

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