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Installation of DPA, VMAN, SRM and NPM


I am looking to install DPA, VMAN, SRM and NPM asap, do they need installing on separate servers (seem to remember seeing a thread regarding DPA and NPM not installing on the same server).

I plan on creating a single SQL server to host the DB's for the software.

Anything else that I should be aware of?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Typically the suggestion is to install the DPA Server and its repository on a different host than the Orion installation containing VMAN, SRM, and NPM. Otherwise, they will fight each other over shared CPU, I/O, and Memory resources. They can coexist together, but as you increase the number of entities monitored and the volume of information grows, the contention will increase.

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Is this a serious enough issue that the DPA Setup should detect the presence of Orion modules on the DPA server?

Beyond the requirements for install, what is the actual footprint of DPA in terms of IOs, CPU, and memory, for say, analyzing the Orion database itself?

Is using DPA to analyze Orion's DB a useful thing?

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