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I want to register the instance holding the repository because I have shortage of SQL Server license

\I want to register the instance holding the repository for DPA because I have shortage of SQL Server license, what will be the impact for that? Note that this instance is holding only 3 databases and it`s on virtual machine.

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Do you mean you don't want to set up another SQL Server instance for the DPA repo or ?

Not sure what you are asking, but in general, the reason we don't recommend registering the instance holding the repo for monitoring is that's where we do our heavy lifting.  You can certainly do so, but you will see a lot of activity of our normal processing.  It will also monitor the other databases as well though and is technically feasible.

Thanx for the reply, my inquiry was that I want to register the instance which is holding the repository database (SQL Server) to be monitored as well.


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OK, yep, you can do that.  Let me know if you don't want to see the repo activity as there's a way to add to the our collection query to exclude things.

Ok, many thanx.

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Not to hijack this thread, and knowing it's old... can monitoring the repository with Solarwinds DPA be done without an extra license or cost?

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Basically, each target entered into DPA to be monitored requires a license.

If this is to troubleshoot performance issues, you can submit a support case and they likely can kick you a temp license while troubleshooting.

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