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Level 10

I gather that we can no longer log into the support site at

and have to fill out the "free trial" info to download the software?  Why the hoops?  This seems like an unnecessary pain.  I hate having to tell my customers in CA that they have to fill out the free trial thing and probably get pestering emails just to download the latest software.

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Level 8

The behavior you are seeing right now is a transitional step. 

Although it may not totally offset your issues, there have been some improvements in the trial/download process:

  • A login (and registration) is no longer required for
  • A paid key can be used with the trial edition as of version 8.3.407, eliminating the need to download and install a separate binary after purchase.
  • The trial edition is fully functional for 14 days without the need to request a key.  This works for any newly created repository.
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