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How to combine two reports into one?

We have a report that tracks waits for a particular stored procedure. We made some improvement to this procedure, after that DPA changed it hash number, that's obvious. But I had to build another report for it. How can I combine these two reports into one, because it is essentially the same stored procedure?


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When you say you have a report are you talking some customer SQL ? Care to post what  you are using or some code ? We can help is we can see an example better.

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Yes, this is custom report. Actually two reports.

Report 1. SQL name: index_physical_stats. Procedure: XXXXXX.MaintainIndexes. Hash: 6072615178. But hash number does not tell you anything, unless you can convert it back to an actual statement. We built a report for largest waits from Jun 1 to Jul 31. But the last bar displayed at Jul 27. That's right. Because about at that day we made some changes.

Report 2. Does not have an assigned name. Procedure: XXXXXX.MaintainIndexes. Hash: 6094779685. If I build a custom report on it, it shows bars starting from Jul 27.

Now, these two reports have different vertical scale (Hours, minutes), and I need to open two windows to compare them, to estimate the difference of wait times before and after the change (as well as to email it to my teammates).

It would be nice if I can create just one report for them.

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