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Host Dropped Received Packets - VM Option

Hi guys,

I have two SQL servers on two different ESX host which have the VM license enabled.

Both have a lot of "Host Dropped Received Packets"

I see between 50 000 and 150 000 "host dropped received packets", on the Resources, Network tab.

SQL Server 1

2018-04-12 09_04_31-DPA - Resources (11.1.468 s08 Win2k8r2).png

SQL Server 2:

2018-04-12 09_01_27-DPA - Resources (11.1.468 s08 Win2k8r2).png

I Googled a bit and also have asked our VM team, Google and them think it's false positive.

I just think it's a lot of dropped packets and I would like a better explanation.

Does anyone here have the same problem? Have you fix it?


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Level 11

Was this ever resolved?

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Level 14

We're getting this data from the vCenter API. We poll every 2 minutes, but get 6 data points within each poll (thus the 20 second interval you see). If this is a false positive, it's coming from the VMware side of the house. I would love to hear if others are having the same issue though...

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Level 8

Thanks for the reply ManDevil.

VM team is checking for missing patch on ESX that can cause this kind of reporting.

My bet is that some NIC cards are not enabled on the esx host and they are logged as dropping packet... will see.

I will let you know when they finish their troubleshooting.

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Level 14

That would be awesome!

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Level 8

This is still under review, what the telco guy found was that the port channel is not configured in the chassis switch and 2 chassis switch are stacked together... more to come.

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