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Level 7

Hide a Custom Metric on non-applicable servers

I've created several (well more like 40 or so) custom metrics to monitor database file size and growth across my environment. Unfortunately these metrics are showing up for every server being monitored and not just the one the database resides on.

I did figure out how to disable the data collection on the instances that they don't apply to, but the metric itself still shows up on all servers (just in a disabled state). This makes it pretty crowded as a server may have 2 databases I need to monitor with a particular metric, but it's also showing the other 38 that don't apply to that server.

Is there a way to hide these completely from the servers they don't apply to?

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Level 17

@mproper Not at this time, no. You can always suggest this as a feature request and I can advocate on your behalf when it comes time to decide what features we get added to a future release. HTH

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