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Fail to generate query plans on Stored Procedures

I tried opening a case for this issue and received no resolution. When attempting to investigate why stored procedures are spending

time at certain points in the procedure, I try to generate a query plan to see what is happening with that code block. Most times I get

my query plan but others fail with the following error:

******************************** BEGIN PLAN ********************************

While generating the plan in SS01LAXCBO:10023, the following error occurred:

Operand type clash: VOID TYPE is incompatible with BIT

The explain plan could not be generated.

Has anyone seen this error before and were you able to resolve it?

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Level 12


I did a fast search internally and found the case you mention. It looks like support asked if you know a case number from when had the issue before and for some logs on the current issue and then we didn't hear back so it was closed out. You can always reply to a case for 30 days to reopen it.

Looking more at the issue the only thing I can find that for anything similar in past cases is the following.

Prior to running the live plan on Sybase, we do the following:

set showplan, noexec on;
set quoted_identifier off;

The "set quoted_identifier off" is causing the error due to the quotes around the table names.

The error isn't the same as what you list and was caused by quotes around table names. I would suggest you send the logs and perhaps re open the case so we can investigate more.

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