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Errors connecting to repository after setting Force Encryption to Yes

Hi - I have had DPA running successfully for a couple years, but recently had to install another piece of software that required me to set the "Force Encryption" to "Yes" in SQL Server Configuration Manager on the "Protocols for MSSQLSERVER".  The error I'm getting is:

Encryption is required to connect to this server but the client library does not support encryption; the connection has been closed. Please upgrade your client library

These errors happen several times per second and is pushing out any useful log entries.

Thanks for any input!

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Level 8

There is an additional step in the connection information configuration of the monitored instance requiring SSL.

In DPA, click Options > Update Connection Info.

Select the SQL Server monitored instance that needs the SSL connection, and click Next.

Select JDBC URL Properties, and add ssl=request

You may also set it to ssl=require

Thanks for the quick response!

With the Force Encryption set to Yes, I can't even login to DPA.  To test your idea, I temporarily switched it back to No.

I need to clarify that the issue is with the connection to the Repository (not the Monitored server).  I found "Update Repository Connection" under Options/Administration, but it says:

To change the repository database connection information, edit the file then restart DPA.


When I open that file, I don't see anything related to SSL or encryption.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again.

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Ah, I was thinking SSL to the monitored instance.  I that file please add the following:


Save the file

Restart Ignite PI server service.

Thanks for the reply.  Sorry for the delay in getting back to this.  I determined that the Force Encryption really isn't necessary like I thought.

I will try this suggestion on a weekend when I have a maintenance window.

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Again, sorry for the delay.  I was finally able to get to this today.

chenry's suggestion worked.  I actually had to implement both suggestions because now both the Dev and Prod servers have SSL required.

For review, here is what I did:

In '{DPA_INSTALL_DIR}/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/idc/', I added a line:


In Options / Monitor Setup / Update Connection Info, selected my Database Instance and Next.  Checked the "JDBC URL Properties" and added "ssl=request" in the textbox.  The restart happened automatically.


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