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Level 15

Error to integrate DPA server to Orion server

Guys, I check Telnet and all ports beetwen DPA server and Orion server. But show the Messenger "Can't find a DPA server at this address or port. Check your DPA server details and network connection."

The ip Orion is end DPA server IP

But the serveres have a interface management

I no know what not Connect, becouse not have Block between servers.

Ideias ??????

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We had a similar problem and discovered that https was not open on the DPA servers.

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Level 8

Are you attempting to connect by IP? we had a similar issue when trying to use a load balancer IP to connect orion to DPA - in the end we had to go direct.

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We use ip manuality, so I try set IP and server name. But I need to mae the update in core server Orion, now have 2016. After I show results here.

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